Multiple platforms

Whether it’s an off the shelf Android smart phone or tablet, a purpose a build ELD screen for various manufacturers, or any combination of devices, your Verigo records are fully downloadable and transferable between them.

Experience has taught us the right platform is a matter of giving you the right choices, so that’s what we’ve done. Allowing for a variety of options means you will be able to implement the broadest possible solution that’s tailored to your equipment and operation.

Regions and rule sets

Verigo offers comprehensive compliance coverage. From the far reaches of Alaska and Northern Canada to federal, provincial and lower 48 state rules, we have what your clients need… and if we don’t, we’ll build it for them. Supported rule sets include:

Canada: Federal Cycle 1, Cycle 2, Oilfield Exemption and BC Log Haul
USA: Federal 60/7, 70/8, Agricultural Exemption, Oilfield, Pipeline, Passenger Bus
Service Regions: Alaska, Canadian North 60, Canada and the lower United States


Verigo has rule sets for over-the-road, local P&D, oilfield, pipeline, forestry, construction, utilities, towing, agriculture, passenger bus and other custom and industry rule sets.

We understand one size does not fit all in trucking. From regional differences to industry exemptions, Verigo meets your needs.

Manufacturer’s Certification

Our state-of-the art simulation and testing system ensures your drivers, customers’ freight and trucks arrive safely and in a timely manner.